91. 04. 19. Happy 24th / 25th Birthday Himchan!

Where did the time go? I still remember when I was fangirling over you when b.a.p debuted. Now it’s the third time we have been with you since your debut. You have dealt with so much, from being called useless to your fans making fun of your English. You’re an inspiration to not just me, but to others as well and you deserve to be happy. Thank you for being in b.a.p & thank you for being my bias.

I really hope you have a great birthday with your members and hopefully with your family. And eat a lot of cake! 

Happy Birthday baby. c:

Oneshot -> Badman: We can start a MOVEMENT or we can start a WAR

himlo + their spy dance

정말 갖고 싶어 your body~

Choke me with your delicious thick thighs please.